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For years, people have asked Dan for a fast-track way to make reads without learning the entire system (published in his classic book, The Art of Profiling, Expanded 2nd Edition). Snapshot is profiling "lite" and answers that call. The four short stories in Chapter 1 show what's possible with snapshot reads you can make today. (Click on Look Inside! below to read the first two chapters.)


  • A young entrepreneur makes a snapshot read of an executive, modifies an email, and closes a deal that languished for months.


  • A husband profiles his wife and instantly learns how to deescalate conflict.


  • Student profiles a teacher she doesn't like and turns up an unlikely disconnect. One correction, and her grade soars from 87 to 98 and the relationship with the teacher is restored.


  • School administrators in just 45 minutes with two snapshot reads identify the student making terrorist threats from a population of 1,500. 


Life-changing snapshot reads that affect every facet of our lives


  • It's not ADHD Teachers make a snapshot read of students diagnosed as ADHD, make one instructional fix, and grades elevate without medication uncovering the real story behind what is often misdiagnosed as ADHD.


  • Collapse of a Giant Dan gave a speech to the partners of Andersen, one of the world's largest accounting firms, made a simple read and predicted its demise years before the Enron fiasco.


  • Increasing Confidence How students and parents immediately increase their capacity to make confident decisions separate from their area of competency or training.


  • The Earth Changes The shift in the Earth's behavioral profile that will affect us for decades.


  • Snapshot reads on Holiday The magical story of what happened when Dan profiled a portrait by a famous French artist while vacationing in Normandy, France.


  • Handing off Giftedness With one read, a famous golf instructor learns why others call him "gifted" and how to immediately pass it on to others.


  • Face of a Nation Insight into two famous men in American history that will stun you.


Snapshot  is the companion book to

The Art of Profiling, Expanded 2nd Edition


Scores of new reads and applications are provided for those who have already mastered the Korem Profiling System®.


Hardbound; 380 pp.; over 120 color photographs and illustrations.


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first two chapters and the Table of Contents