Snapshot is the real story of how to profile anyone so you can treat people right the first time. So easy, even kids can do it!


You'll learn to make snapshot reads using the Korem Profiling System® (KPS) developed by critically acclaimed investigative journalist, Dan Korem. The KPS enables you to immediately profile anyone and identify how people prefer to: Communicate, Perform Tasks, Make Decisions, and so much more.


In many cases, you can make snapshot reads without asking any questions, and profile people you’ve never met even if you can’t speak their language.




The Art of Profiling

This classic text has the complete landmark Korem Profiling System® developed by Dan Korem for rapid-fire profiling people on the spot after just a few minutes of interaction and in many cases, without asking any questions. It was expressly designed so that you can also profile people whom you have never met—even if you can’t speak their language.


You learn to do this by answering four simple and direct questions in your mind about someone. Once answered, you can access a comprehensive profile that includes:

   • Strengths & Shortcomings   

   • How to Sell/Present

   • How to Confront/Disagree

   • How to Lead/Motivate

   • Interaction Suggestions



Rage of the Random Actor

Mass school shooters/bombers, suicide bombers, and postal/company killers all have something in common. They have the Random Actor behavioral profile identified in the early 1990s by investigative journalist Dan Korem. In Rage of the Random Actor Korem details this profile and extraordinary cases where a 3-point intervention he identified has thwarted scores of Random Actor attacks in schools, companies, and military theaters.



Suburban Gangs

Gangs in suburbs and small towns - the statistically safest locales—are resurging again. This 1995 classic text by investigative journalist Dan Korem answers why gangs started forming outside the inner-city for the first time in North American & European history, the types of gangs that are appearing. Dan also uncovered how to stop gangs from formin—the Missing Protector Strategy—which has been successfully used in schools across North America. Korem's book, now in its fourth printing, is one of the most widely quoted on the subject and has been used as curriculum at many universities and law enforcement agencies.