As an investigative journalist, he produced the documentary Psychic Confession (1983), in which he obtained the first confession of a suicidal cult-like leader who claimed to have psychic powers—viewed by over 200 million globally. The Los Angeles Times wrote: “It’s an altogether fascinating study...”


A frequent keynote speaker and distinguished lecturer for groups in over thirty countries, he uses these opportunities to hunt for answers to all kinds of issues and uncover the unexpected.


Before 1981, Dan was a professional sleight-of-hand magician who used his skills to educate and protect the public from threatening deceptions and was often called by law enforcement for assistance. It’s how he transitioned to investigative journalism, and today, he often times uses effects he has invented in speeches and lectures.


For thirty years Dan has worked with at-risk youth as an expression of his Christian faith to “care for the widows and the orphans in their affliction.” While researching his 1995 book, Suburban Gangs—The Affluent Rebels, he developed and applied the “Missing Protector Strategy” to over 400 inner-city youth. For six years, not one student joined a gang or became pregnant. The strategy has been used to stop gang formation and suicide—including suicides in the military during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


An avid golfer, Dan has been married for forty-two years to his wife Sandy, one of America’s premier caterers and owner of The Festive Kitchen®. They have three children, three grandchildren, and reside in the Dallas area.